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Killer Serials - The Fighting Devil Dogs (1938)

On Killer Serials, we showcase the pulpy short films that were popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

Today, we're watching chapter one from Republic Films' The Fighting Devil Dogs.

What you need to know about The Fighting Devil Dogs

Released in 1938, The Fighting Devil Dogs is a twelve chapter serial where two Marines are charged with saving the world from "The Lightning," a costumed super villain who uses electricity as a weapon and travels around in a giant flying wing.

Why we chose The Fighting Devil Dogs for Killer Serials

Touted as "the best serial adventure of all time" by critics, The Fighting Devil Dogs has all of the ingredients for high adventure: glorious heroes, a mad scientist, an over-the-top musical score, cheesy special effects, and cliffhangers galore.

It's pulp action at its best, and well-acted for a serial, so give it a shot. Plus, the main villain wears a sleek black costume and barbed visor that some say George Lucas resurrected 40 years later as the iconic Darth Vader uniform in Star Wars, although I think he looks more like Cobra Commander. In either case, thanks to Dieselpunks you can score some internet geek points for today.

Watch The Fighting Devil Dogs

Part 1

Part 2

Fighting Devil Dogs serial

Fighting Devil Dogs 1938

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