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Knights of the Air - German ads for WWI fighter planes

On Knights of the Air, we discuss the heroes and the technology that changed the horizon of warfare during World War I.  In today's issue, we are showcasing a gallery of original posters from The Great War that advertise the German machines that took to the skies.

German Albatros

Albatros was Germany's largest aircraft maker.  At one time, 60% of German frontline fighters were Albatroses.

Rumpler Werke

Rumpler, originally known for its popular Taube monoplanes, built hundreds of reconnaissance biplanes during the War.


Aviatik, which made automobiles as well as aircraft, moved to Leipzig in 1916, away from its location near the Western Front.

Oberusel rotary engines

Oberursel rotary engines, at first made under license from a French firm, powered most Fokker fighter planes.

Luft Verkehrs Gesellschaft

Luft-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft, or LVG for short, was founded in 1910.  By 1918, the firm was producing 150 planes a month.

Garuda of Berlin

Garuda of Berlin made propellers for German aircraft, which the company grimly portrayed as agents of death.

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