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The greatest WWI ace and his friend:

Here's an extract from Manfred von Richthofen journal and some pictures of his Jasta 11 squadron - with and without Moritz:

The most beautiful being in all creation is the genuine Danish hound, my little lap-dog, my Moritz. I bought him in Ostend from a brave Belgian for five marks. His mother was a beautiful animal and one of his fathers also was pure-bred. I am convinced of that. I could select one of the litter and I chose the prettiest. Zeumer took another puppy and called it Max. Max came to a sudden end. He was run over by a motor car.

Moritz flourished exceedingly. He slept with me in my bed and received a most excellent education. He never left me while I was in Ostend and obtained my entire affection. Month by month Moritz grew, and gradually my tender little lap-dog became a colossal, big beast.

Once I even took him with me. He was my first observer. He behaved very sensibly. He seemed much interested in everything and looked at the world from above. Only my mechanics were dissatisfied when they had to clean the machine. Afterwards Moritz was very merry.

Moritz is more than a year old and he is still as child-like as if he were still in his teens. He is very fond of playing billiards. In doing this he has destroyed many billiard balls and particularly many a billiard cloth. He has a great passion for the chase. My mechanics are highly satisfied with his sporting inclinations for he has caught for them many a nice hare. I do not much approve of his hunting proclivities. Consequently he gets a whacking if I catch him at it.

He has a silly peculiarity. He likes to accompany the flying machines at the start. Frequently the normal death of a flying- man's dog is death from the propeller. One day he rushed in front of a flying-machine which had been started. The aeroplane caught him up and a beautiful propeller was smashed to bits. Moritz howled terribly and a measure which I had hitherto omitted was taken. I had always refused to have his ears cut. One of his ears was cut off by the propeller. A long ear and a short ear do not go well together.

Moritz has taken a very sensible view of the world-war and of our enemies. When in the summer of 1916 he saw for the first time Russian natives—the train had stopped and Moritz was being taken for a walk—he chased the Russian crowd with loud barking. He has no great opinion of Frenchmen although he is, after all, a Belgian. Once, when I had settled in new quarters, I ordered the people to clean the house. When I came back in the evening nothing had been done. I got angry and asked the Frenchman to come and see me. When he opened the door Moritz greeted him rather brusquely. Immediately I understood why no cleaning had been done.


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Comment by Kathleen Rodriguez Hunton on January 27, 2012 at 6:10pm

Would love to read more.

Comment by lord_k on September 23, 2011 at 6:25am

The pleasure is all mine, gentlemen.

And the link below, leading to Baron's journal, is highly recommended.

Comment by lojzo on September 22, 2011 at 3:08pm
Lord_k is back! Hooray! :-)
Comment by Dexter Go-Grandski on September 22, 2011 at 12:45pm

I enjoyed this one very much, You have a great skill at digging up pictures and info that I have not seen before, not to mention the presentation wonderful,thank you.

Comment by Tome Wilson on September 22, 2011 at 10:19am
Awesome.  Great article, Lord K.

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