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Little Known American Bullpup- The Sieg Rifle

When Coast Guard Gunner's Mate James Sieg started thinking about small-arms, his ideas were definitely ambitious and unconventional. Sieg you see created the American bull-pup rifle that showed promise as a contendor for the U.S. first line rifle post-World War II.

A typical gas operated rifle, with expanding propellant piped off the barrel and against an rod/piston mechanism, the Sieg rifle wasn't particualrly unique. However, what made it different was the choice of bull-pup layout, elaborate muzzle break and snag-free envelope.

Unlike most rifles of the day, the Sieg rifle was laid out to have the magazine behind the trigger assembly. The Sieg was fed by a 20 round box magazine chambered in .30-06. To create the overall snag-free siholuette, Sieg designed a rifle that had folding front and rear sights, and not pistol grip. The rifle itself was manipulated by the firer who gripped the magazine behind the trigger assembly. That mean the only protusions beneath the rifle was the inserted magazine. Atop the rifle, there were exrtly machine front and rear sights that also folded down when not in use.

A lever behind the trigger assembly acted as a combination safety and magazine release, ergonomically laid out for easy use. And the trigger itself was deigned to have two stages. Instead of a separate lever or mechanism to switch between full-and-semi-auto, Sieg made the rifle trigger with two functions. The upper pivoting trigger fired in semi-auto, while the bottom half of the same trigger when depressed went full-auto, at a rate of fire between 600-700 rounds per minute.

The element that was greatly appreciated by testers of the day was the Sieg designed muzzle compensator. expertly machined, the muzzle assembly was designed to tame the recoil and muzzle rise experience in rapid or fully automatic fire. It was described as easy to shoot, with little recoil, and capable of being fire with one hand.

While tested by the United States Army, it is not clear what became of the Sieg rifle, except to know that it was never introduced to the fighting men of America.

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Comment by Alex Bolado on May 30, 2011 at 11:41am
Why wasn't this thing ever mass-produced!?

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