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Lord K's Garage #111: Omnibuses for the Autobahn

Maybe a bit unexpected... but inevitable.

In 1930s, Germany, the homeland of streamline design, finally accepted the prophetic ideas of Rumpler and Jaray and was busy streamlining almost everything that moved including steam locomotives and passenger planes. Quite naturally, omnibuses (intercity coaches) were also streamlined: the Autobahn programme required a new type of bodywork with low drag co-efficient, allowing for higher speeds and modest fuel consumption. A number of interesting experimental bodies were developed (and some of them built) in 1935-1940. At the headline picture we see a Büssing-NAG streamliner speeding on the A2 Highway, Hannover - Berlin. Let's see some more:

1935 Mercedes-Benz LO 3500

Less ambitious but very impressive 1938 Mercedes-Benz LO 3750 Autobahn

A concept of the VOMAG Kontinent Express (Reichsautobahnbus) eight-wheeler, 1936

Another concept - the Büssing-NAG Bi-motor, powered by two 140-hp engines. 1935

Eight-wheeler again! 1935 M.A.N. concept

1935 Büssing-NAG 375T (photo via gill4kleuren @ Flickr) 

1936 Büssing-NAG 375N (photo via gill4kleuren @ Flickr)

1935 Opel Blitz omnibus with a bodywork by Ludewig Bros., Essen

Much more famous coach from the same manufacturers:

1938 Opel Blitz with Aero-Bus body by Ludewig Bros.

Other photos of this type are far less famous (and less atrractive, in my humble opinion):

Yes, it's not the same coach. But nearly similar, save for the front fenders.

And finally, a Ludewig masterpiece:

I'm not sure about the chassis' make. Anyway, enjoy the detail:

Have you noticed the elevated driver's position? Amazing. I wish I knew more about this beauty.

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Comment by Alex Bolado on December 3, 2011 at 2:13pm

With enough funding to public transportation, this could actually work IRL.

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