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Lord K's Garage - 5th Issue. SERIAL KILLER'S ARROWS

It was a government car. A gangsters' car. A playboys' car. A natural choice of a millionaire. Pierce-Arrow, the ultimate American luxury vehicle. Fit for a serial killer with a sense of self-esteem.

First Arrows - George N. Pierce's brainchilds - appeared as early as in 1903, then the company was sold to new owners but kept the founder's name. Early Perce-Arrows were powered by huge engines - 11.7 and even 13.5 liters. They carried President Taft on official occasions - first true Presidential cars (together with White Tourers, I must admit). In 1912 Herbert M. Dawley joined the company. He designed every model till 1938.
In 1914, Pierce-Arrow adopted its most enduring styling hallmark when the headlights of the vehicle were moved from the traditional placement on either side of the radiator into flared housings molded into the front fenders of the car. This gave the car an immediate visual identification from the side; at night it gave the car the appearance of a wider stance.
Let's take a look:

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The main competition of Pierce-Arrow was Stutz.
Your mind must be narrow
If you drive an Arrow -

the Stutz aficionados used to say. And got an instant reply:
You must be nuts
To drive a Stutz!

Pierce-Arrow, controlled by Studebaker, rapidly lost its positions in the mid-30s. Its last model, a luxurious V-12 sedan, didn't help to survive the Great Depression. The company declared insolvency in 1938 - and closed its doors.

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Comment by lord_k on October 2, 2009 at 2:57pm
Yeah, quite interesting.
I advise to use English for your comments here.
Comment by Sedoff09 on October 2, 2009 at 2:55pm
Интересная тема - машины серийных убийц.

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