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Lord K's Garage - #95. British Steam Power

Steam tractors, steam wagons, steam omnibuses, steam rollers... An endless source of inspiration.

Here's a collection of these glorious machines, alive and kicking, attending Steam Weeks, rallies and other events, brought to us by Damian Sharples aka day 192 @ Flickr:

1902 Fowler Road Locomotive named "Kitchener"

1902 Fowler Showmans Road Locomotive named "Duke of Rutland"


1904 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller


1908 Marshall Traction Engine named "Old Nick" and its 2002 mini replica named "Little Old Nick"


1909 McLaren Traction Engine

1910 Foden Showmans Road Locomotive named "Prospector"


1912 Fowler N class Steam roller named "Bellingham"

1912 Foden Steam Van converted to Timber Tractor named "Happy Jack"


1913 Foden Steam Wagon


1913 Foden Road Locomotive named "Monarch"


1915 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller named "Becky"


1917 Foden Steam Wagon

1917 Fowler Ploughing engine


1923 Fowler Steam Roller named "Navigator"


1923 Armstrong Whitworth Steam Roller


1924 Fowler Steam Roller named "The Highlander"


1925 Wallis & Steevens Steam Roller named "Friend Richard"

1925 Sentinel Steam wagon

1926 Sentinel Super Tractor


1927 Aveling & Porter road roller named "Rusty Nuts"

1928 Sentinel Super Steam Wagon


1928 Foden Steam Wagon named "Merlin"

1928 Foden C Type Steam Wagon named "London Pride"

1930 Foden Steam Wagon

1932 Sentinel DG4 Steam Bus named "Martha"


1933 Sentinel Steam Wagon

1936 Fowler Traction Engine named "Kinsale"


1936 Wallis & Stevens Advance Road Roller named "Chichester"


1943 Aveling-Barford Steam Roller

Foden Steam Bus named "Puffing Billy"


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Comment by Alex Bolado on July 15, 2011 at 11:50pm
I've heard of steam-powered cars but I didn't know that they were THAT common.

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