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Look at the Armageurra OG-43, meanly beautiful looking gun. It has angry function written all over it. Drop this in the hands of any Dieselpunker or Science Fiction trooper and it would blend into any speculative fiction universe. Think about all those Word War II period guns that armed the Empire in Star Wars. Science fiction blends with small arms fact. And in the case of the OG-43, this gun, from the WW2-era is 100% real.

The Italian-made OG-43 was considered revolutionary for it's time because it relied on the now modern standard of stamp metal receiver. Many iconic submaching guns of the period were machined or milled, requiring more time and material to produce. Look at the Tommy Gun receiver and it's almost a piece of bar steel with a few chunks taken out. The OG-43 was built completely with piece of stamped sheet metal, shaving construction time and valuable resources. Only the barrel, bolt and springs were made of solid steel.

The submachine gun was open-bolt direct blowback in operation, with a long l-shaped bolt. The bolt, with most of its mass above and forward the breach, helped create a reduced felt recoil weapon with corresponding increased accuracy.

Another facet you'll notice with the OG-43 is the lack of a full pistol grip.

The OG-43 relied on a short finger strap on the front of the magazine well. The SMG fed like modern automatic pistols, through the grip and behind the trigger assembly. The body of the "stick" magazine acted as the grip for the weapon system. Without the grip, the OG-43 had a pretty sleek profile. Couple that feature with a folding forward grip and stock, the OG-43 was a clean lined weapon ready for multiple users, whether they be paratroopers, tank crews or regular infantry.

Sounds like a dream weapon right? Chambered in a standard 9x19, magazines in 20-30-40 capacities, select-fire and controlable 500 rounds per minutes, the OG-43 had a lot going for it.

Except, in a land where Beretta ruled the gun-making roost, the OG-43 had a Herculian task to find favor among the decision-makers in Il Duce's military. As the war wrapped up, the OG-43 could never gain traction against the well established Beretta submachine gun line (which by the way was the magazine used for the OG-43) and it disappeared into small arms history.

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Comment by JerreyRough on July 28, 2011 at 4:15pm

The Armageurra OG-44 is also really cool and dieselpunky. Found this with a couple more pictures:


Comment by Jake Holman Jr. on July 12, 2011 at 11:43am
Scarymike- Yeah this SMG just oozes diesel doesn't it? Glad you liked the piece.
Comment by Scarymike23 on July 8, 2011 at 10:59am
Insanely sexy! And I thought the ppsh41 was full of dieselly goodness...

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