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Miskatonic Monday - The Cask of Amontillado Barrel Tiki Mug

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the "weird" fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

When we think of Lovecraft, we often think of those who followed his footsteps into the unknown: Stephen King, Alan Moore, John Carpenter, Mike Mignola... the list could go on for pages. Today, we're looking back at one of Lovecraft's strongest influences, EA Poe, and how he is inspiring a modern day dieselpunk fan.

It was about dusk one evening during the supreme madness of the carnival season that I encountered my friend. He wore a fez on his brow and had the look of an artist about him.

"Hello, Jon!" I called from across the way.

From his stagger and rosy cheeks, I could tell he was making merry. "Come to impress the women with your tentacles again?"

"Not at all, good sir! In fact, you must see what I have created for this season's revelries! Come! Follow me!"

A short while later, my fez-wearing friend guided me to the door of a strange Polynesian bar. Upon the walls were lights in every shade of berry, and on the bamboo shelves were mugs engraved with antediluvian carvings. One in particular stood out from the rest. It was slightly taller than a man's fist and covered with a strange family crest. On the back, there appeared to be a relief of a man chained behind an unfinished wall.

"What horror is this," I cried!

"No need to be alarmed, my friend. It is simply... an art project. Although, luck is with me tonight! I am in need of a man of your refined tastes. I simply cannot decide which glaze to use. If you feel generous enough to use your artistic eye to help a simple craftsman like myself, please follow me into the basement. If you're unable, I'm sure I could always ask Luchesi."

< insert maniacal laughter here >

You too can help this simple craftsman! Our friend, Jonathan "Atari" Chaffin, is back with another masterpiece from Horror in Clay studio. This time, Jon leads us into the family vault of Edgar Allan Poe's Cask of Amontillado.

Cask of Amontillado Barrel Tiki Mug from Horror In Clay

If you want to help The Horror in Clay bring this project to life, you can support Jon at his Kickstarter page. This will be Jon's third project on Kickstarter, with his original "Cthulhu tiki mug" pulling in an amazing 1,098 backers and 635% funding. Needless to say, Jon knows what he's doing and you're guaranteed to get more than you bargain for if you help.

Check out the full details at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jchaffin/cask-of-amontillado-b....

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