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This camera is often considered an old-school Steam Age artifact. Actually it is younger than Leica: the first Rolleiflex appeared in 1928.

The most famous camera ever manufactured by Franke & Heidecke (Braunschweig, Germany) introduced the innovative twin-lens reflex scheme: its bright upper lens was used for viewing/focusing and the coupled lower one for shooting, thus eliminating the need for moving mirror:

The first Rolleiflex (1928-1932, shown above) was made for unpopular 117 format and produced only 6 frames per roll, but it could be easily converted to 120 format (twelve 6 x 6 frames per roll), adopted for later models.
Assembly at the Braunschweig factory
Cameras awaiting quality control


Its cheaper / simpler companion, Rolleicord, appeared in 1933.

And from 1931 you could purchase a Baby Rolleiflex - compact version for 127 format (4 cm film). This camera (a 1938 Baby Sport model shown) wasn't a great success, but it made a nice comeback in 1957, clad in gray leather:

In the 1950s, Rolleiflex was the choice of many successful reporters. And not only reporters:

James Dean and his Rolleiflex

In the Seventies, the camera has been relegated mostly to the fashion / portrait duties. It was the daily instrument of Helmut Newton (any objections to his gallery here, anybody?). Tele-Rolleiflex (1959) is its special portrait version with a 135mm lens:

The wide-angle version made its first appearance in 1961. It is still produced today, just as the main 2.8FX model and Tele-Rolleiflex.

Together with Rolleicord this techological masteriece was a source of inspiration for numerous camera-makers in Germany, Austria, France, Japan, USSR, Czechoslovakia and China. Beyound any doubt, Rolleiflex honestly earned its place in the 20th century Most Important Cameras List.

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