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The Ektra was a very advanced 35mm rangefinder camera launched by Kodak USA in 1941. Before World War II, Kodak presented some really advanced cameras under the supervision of Joe Mihalyi.

The Ektra was a 35mm coupled rangefinder camera. The shutter was of the focal plane type, from 1s to 1/1000, with horizontally traveling cloth curtains. The Ektra had a system of interchangeable magazine backs, allowing to change film in the middle of a roll. The advance lever was at the left of the magazine back, and needed two strokes. The release button was at the left of the top plate. It is said that Mihalyi was left-handed, so all the camera was designed to be used by a left-handed person. However this theory is contradicted here.

The viewfinder incorporated a zoom device, from 50 to 254mm. Only the 35mm lens needed an external lens to be put in front of the finder. The viewfinder also had a diopter adjustment, from -3 to +3 diopters. The rangefinder of the Ektra had a very large base, but it was not integrated in the viewfinder.

The Ektra had interchangeable lenses with a breech lock mount engaging a fine screw thread. All the lenses were named Ektar. The available lenses were the following:
* 35/3.3
* 50/1.9, seven element
* 50/3.5, four element
* 90/3.5
* 135/3.8
* 153/4.5

All the lenses were coated, at first only on the internal surfaces, and later on all the lens elements. A 254mm lens was planned but apparently never produced. About 2000 of the 35mm, 90mm and 135mm were made, and 400 of the 153mm. The lens cases were very nice cylindrical aluminium boxes.

An Ektra has been sold at a Christies auction (1/4/2003) with a 50/1.9 and a 90/3.5 lens marked Television Ektanon instead of Ektar. Apparently these lenses were for some post-war cine camera. The 50/1.9 is pictured mounted on the body, so the lens mount must be the same.

A lens marked Wollensak-Dumont 50mm f/1,5 Raptar has been offered on auction by Auction Team Köln, it was said to be probably a prototype lens for the Ektra, with Steinheil lens design. However it had no focusing ring and a 40.5mm screw mount, so it was not a functional Ektra lens.

The accessories included:
* waist level brilliant finder (shoe mounted)
* angle finder (shoe mounted)
* magazine back
* ground glass back
* flash unit
* close focusing rangefinder
* synchronized flash
* tripod clearance head

About 2500 Ektra were sold, and it was advertised until 1948.

An improved version called Ektra II was planned, three of them are known to exist. They incorporated a built in lens for the 35mm lens, and could mount a magazine back with a spring driven motor

Text: Camerapedia
Images (save 1, 2 & 4): ldtomei
Special articles, by Stepen Gandy and K. Kekatos, are highly recommended

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