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My Latest Bicycle Creation, by Deven Science

Today was another productive day. I went over to my friend Kevin's shop to work on these bicycle parts I wanted to make. Knowing I was now to be back to work soon, and therefore short on time, I put the idea of making a springer front end on hold for now. I decided to make a simpler one that would still be unique. I cut the forks it had, extended them, and welded them back together at an angle so that the wheel would poke out further forward. I then welded a small brace on either side, to make sure it's strong. The finished product is okay, but not as great as I wanted:

front end

I then made a set of simple handlebars that are just like the two I've made in the past, including for my motorcycle:


I then took the rear fender, and whacked it short, chopper style:

back fender

Giving the bike as it looks right now:

green bike

I've had this color combo in my mind for a while to take the typical ratrod colors of black with red and white accents, except to replace the black with olive drab (Army Green, as the rattle-can calls it), making it look more military. I think it looks decent, but it would probably work better on a motorcycle. I still want to make a seat from scratch, and may, but maybe not this week

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Comment by Deven Science on November 6, 2009 at 8:55pm

I have indeed. My motorcycle started out life as a '74 Honda. Now, people stop me to ask if it's a Harley from the '30s. I made the handlebars, the forward controls (with linkages), the suicide shift with the clutch on it, made the custom heat-wrapped exhaust pipes, and a few other things. The frame was wleded rigid by the previous owner, who was trying to do what I later accomplished. It's not perfect, but I'm proud of it, and it get's more attention than an expensive bike.
Comment by Hayen Mill on November 6, 2009 at 5:38am
Looks like a pretty cool design.

BTW, are you planning on modding your motorbike as well?

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