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Yes, gang, it's time again for some fireworks of the musical variety. Unlike last year, though, there are no actual patriotic tunes on the playlist. That's because I don't have too many of them, and I've posted just about all of them before. If I wanted to put my Uncle Sam hat on, I'd now have to go back into the pre-1925 acoustical recording era for some sides by flag-waving artists like George M. Cohan, Billy Murray, and John Philip Sousa. However, I tend to avoid posting many acousticals because their sound is definitely "low-fi."

Also, the Picks are probably taking a sabbatical in August, because I'm moving. I haven't moved in seven years, and this is turning out to be quite a logistical challenge, even though I'm not moving very far geographically. So I might be using a laptop around the beginning of the month, and without my desktop PC and its external hard drive, I can't post any MP3's to the web at all. So as a bit of a "lagniappe" (as they say down in New Orleans), I've thrown in a couple of extra tunes, including the two-part, 12" Victor 78 of the song medley from the Ziegfeld Follies of 1927. This record is in fairly rough shape, but I've done enough audio restoration on it to make it sound pretty good, I think. I've also digitally "spliced" the two sides together so that they play continuously.

And so, a phase in the history of Pilsner's Picks (and Pilsner) comes to an end. I'm going to miss the Old Manse (also known as "Tara"), but I've just been hit with an enormous and unexpected rent increase, and I can't afford the upkeep any more— it is starting to look kind of run-down, now isn't it? So enjoy the music and the summer weather, everyone, and I'll "see you in September," to quote another old song.


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