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Long time no see, comrades! So,brace yourselves for a fresh portion of morbid projects of soviet citizens! 

And the first one is... 

Middle East Republican Mortar Automobile Armoured Corps

Autumn, 1941

This project came from Leningrad, and there are two pecularities: first, the concept was to assemble a highly mobile unit armed with self-propelled mortar on ZiS-101 chassis:

Second, with the overall idea denied,in November 1941 such self-propelled mortar came into being and took test on Okta testing grounds near Leningrad!

Blocaded Armoured Mortar

Summer, 1942

The idea mentioned above was so viable, that during the Leningrad Blocade a self-propelled 82mm mortar on GAZ-MM chassis came into being.

Pocket Artillery

September, 1942

For the record, another project with mortars on automobile chassis, this time a breach-loading MK-2 mortar on BA-64 armoured car. The mortar was made in metal, but not the warmachine itself. 

It is pretty hard to guess how the the mortar was to be operated, especially concerning the problems with putting even AT-rifles in this armoured car - the crews had to dismount the turret for succesful operation (pretty dieselpunk photo itself):

Towed Armor

June, 1943

I've already told our community about several projects of "sentinel turrets", and here is another one, made in metal and tested in Yoshkar-Ola, namely "BK-76-II"

I think we lack "punk" in this set, so, behold:

The Rocketcycle

April, 1942

This marvel appeared within the brains of Red Army Main Automotive-Armoured Tank Directorate engineer (!) and was, basically, a three-wheeled egg propelled by rocket rngines of RS-82 missile-type thrusters. With a machine-gun.

And as an excuse for such a long pause in "Red Dieselpunk" series, an extra for today:

Martian Speeder

Spring, 1941

An enginn(se)er from Penza sent this project to Main Automotive-Armoured Tank Directorate. The vehicle was to be armed with unguided missiles (12 in a salvo) and propelled by, literally, a propeller. Peculiar thing, the "forward" section was to be "up-lifted" with ascensional force while moving.

That's all for today. Sorry that the "All-stars" project seems a total failure.

All credits go to Yuri Pasholok and Central Archives of Russian MOD.

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