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Part Five of the Soviet auger-driven, multi-turreted BFG bearing warmachines are coming your way!

Heavy Semi-flexible Tank

May 21st, 1941

This strangely sounding piece of military machinery was proposed by an military engineer of the air defence from St.Petersburg. Main "bonus" was the optimization of the tank's size in order to achieve necessary mobility, armour, firepower and even amphibious capabilities. Moreover, there was a solution to create "tank-trains", to protectively transport troops to the battlefield.

Specifications:13,5 m long, 2,5 m high, 2,5 wide; 66 tons; 60 mm thick frontal and side armor. Armaments: 2x76mm, 2x45mm cannons, 6 machine-guns. Crew - 20 people.



Now I present you two project developed by a very profoun artillery engineer, these heavy tanks were created in great detail and were based on the obvious state-of-the-art knowledge in the sphere of world-wide tank developement.

ST-1 is rather "common" heavy tank, but with some peculiar ideas. Main "target" of the author was to optimize in-turret operations and achieve best possible firepower. The were a number of innovations on the stabilization, cannon construction and ammo storage. This one will even be present in the "World Of Tanks" MMO in some time, and here are a scheme and even a render by some guy named Kreedjer.

Many people notice the similarities with M48/M60-series US tanks.

But for our "purposes", ST-2 is much more interesting. Behold, the Mammoth Tank from the Real World!

The author described the pluses of "doubling" the main armament, that are increase in rate of fire, efficiency of hitting moving targets etc.

And again, the quality of project was very, very high.

Now we return to the extremes:

Zion Diesel

February 8th, 1943

This amphibious project posseses some similarities with the Nebuchadnezzar design, eh?
The author called it "amphibious-tank-fighter", and proposed "cannons, machine-guns and, if necessary, torpedoes" as armament.

Another amphibious project, this time with an auger:

High-speed Screw

April 5th, 1943

This nice "tank" was proposed both for the Army and the Navy. Main idea - to avoid all problems, linked with the tank chassis. According to the scheme, it was to be armed with machinegun in the turret, a cannon and a torpedo on the rear and frontal ends. 
To commemorate the first day of spring, a winter special - 


December 1942

Idea of a high-speed "armoured sledge" came into minds of two technical officers, who serve in the Pacific Fleet Aviation. This rapid "tank" was powered by a jet engine in the rear and was armed with a machine-gun and a set of 39 rockets. You can read the measures on the picture, but I must underline that the "sledge" was to be only 1,2 meters high.

Again, all credits - Yuri Pasholok and Russian MOD Central Archives.

I hope you enjoy this stuff, and, possibly, some pictures and discriptions will fuel your personal creativity!

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