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Sorry for a minor delay in assembling another article.


May 1944

A rather adequate tank destroyer was proposed by Red Army lieutenant. Main features are stabilized gun, pair of front wheels that also served as mine sweepers, and folding shields with ports for landing party. This one would definitely meet one's expectations from alternative-soviet-tank-force in red-alert-type games!

The secret of "Red Machine"

August 11th, 1944

In order to solve the problem of silent, flameless shooting with high rate of fire, the scientist form Electro-technical institute NKEP created a centrifugal mechanical grenade launcher with 360-degree shooting capability, that can shoot frag grenades with remote detonation.

The necessary speed is given to a grenate by mechanical means without explosives. The experimental launcher was mounted on "Willys", but it may be as well mounted on tanks, boats etc.

Crew - 2 people.

Shooting may be carried out frome open and closed positions, aiming and shooting at moving targets may be carried out without rate of fire decrease.

Speed is given to agrenade by a rotating disk with leading channels, 500-gramm grenades are assembeled in 5-grenade holders that may be put into the launcher one after another.


1. Rate of fire - up to 500 "pucks" per minute
2. Silent and flameless shots
3. Effective range: 200-1100 meters

Well, to some extent such "puck-launchers" may be used nowadays, heh!

Armenian Mountain Tank

Febraury 1941

This rather extreme project of a wheel/track tank for mountain operations was proposed by an armenian inventor.
That's the "inside" (classic separate turrets for machine gun and cannon included!):

And that's how it was supposed to roll, climb, help "lit'l bro"..and even swim!

Panzerbike (yet another one)

April 1942

The most peculiar part - armaments. SMG and a mortar. Lots of armour capable of "folding" to facilitate "entering" the bike and maintenance.

Horsepowered Armor


These are "portable" firing points developed in Leningrad, employing turrets of T-38 and T-26.

Of course, horses were not the main "powertrain" for these "towed panzers", but it shows nice mix of different technology eras, that are so common in the dieselpunk world.

All credits - Yuri Pasholok

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Comment by Komissar Hass on March 15, 2012 at 1:23am

"Almost" is indeed a proper word, Cap'n.

Comment by Cap'n Tony on March 14, 2012 at 6:44pm

Some of these are almost practical!


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