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On Saturday Matinee, we showcase full-length films from or about the diesel era. If you have any favorites you would love to see on the next Saturday Matinee, shoot me a message or comment in the box below.

This weekend, we're showing the noir classic, DOA starring Edmond O'Brien and produced by Leo C. Popkin. The frantically paced plot of DOA revolves around a doomed man's quest to find out who has poisoned him – and why – before he dies.

The movie was not received well by the critics when it was first released in 1950, but later critics saw the main character's search for his own killer noir irony at its blackest. They wrote, "One of the film's many ironies is that his last desperate search involves him in his life more forcefully than he has ever been before... Tracking down his killer just before he dies — discovering the reason for his death — turns out to be the triumph of his life."

I hope you enjoy this week's Saturday Matinee, as I think DOA is one of those films everyone should see at least once before they die.

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Comment by Tome Wilson on August 20, 2011 at 3:52pm

We've played Things to Come and Superman vs. The Mechanical Monster before, but Aelita sounds like a good fit.

As for the serials, I'll see if I can hunt them down.  We have a series here named KILLER SERIALS that was made just for episodic adventures like those.

Comment by Fiona Moore on August 20, 2011 at 2:15pm
Suggestions-- OK. How about some Fleischer Superman? Or, if it's available, some Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers serials? Or Aelita, or High Treason, or Things to Come? I guess what I'm saying is, let's see some diesel-era SF on the Saturday Matinee.

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