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Serial Killers - Les Vampires #8 - The Thunder Lord

Welcome to the Serial Killers on Dieselpunks.

Serial Killers is our segment on Dieselpunks for showcasing cliffhangers and serial thrillers from Hollywood's golden age.

Les VampiresIn November 1915, the walls of Paris were plastered with street posters that depicted three masked faces with a question mark as a noose, and the questions "who, what, when, where?". The morning newspapers printed the following poem:

Of the moonless nights they are kings,
darkness is their kingdom.
Carrying death and sowing terror
the dark Vampires fly,
with great suede wings,
ready not only to do evil... but to do even worse.

Written and directed by Louis Feuillade, Les Vampires is a ten part criminal thriller set in Paris, France.

Le maître de la foudre (The Thunder Lord) 55 min.
Released on 12 May 1916

Behind the scenes of Les Vampires

Les Vampires is widely regarded as a masterpiece of the crime/thriller genre (made long before the genre had been established). The series has entered into French popular culture, providing a great inspiration to successive generations of writers and film-makers. Famously it had an impact on the surrealists, notably André Breton and Luis Buñuel, and also the New Wave film directors Alain Renais and Georges Franju.

Stay tuned for part nine next weekend on Serial Killers.

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