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Sunday Streamline #45: Baltic Diesels

A piece of prewar aesthetics in postwar world:

Ten three-unit diesel-electric trains, designed before the war, were built in Hungary by Ganz motor- és vagongyár (Ganz engine and wagon factory) for Argentine Railways. Probably the class was inspired by German-built Chilean Flecha del Sur trains. Anyway, none of the units reached South America - unfinished and undeliverable, these lovely streamliners waited till the end of the hostilities, and in 1946 were supplied to Soviet Railways (SZD) as a part of war reparations.

The trains, carrying 136 passengers (or 158, depending on car layout), were powered by a pair of Ganz-Jendrassik 6-cylinder 310 hp diesel engines. Their top speed was 120 km/h. In Soviet service, they were used in different regions: Central Asia, North Caucasus and Baltic States.

Designated DP-1 - DP-10, they were retired in late 1950s, spending their last years on Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn route.

In 1950, a new improved class of streamlined night trains, also built by Ganz Works, was delivered to SZD. Designated DP-01 - DP-08, these DMUs consisted of six units. Each train was powered by two V-12 600 hp Diesels. Top speed was limited to 105 km/h. 164 passengers traveled in compartments.

Initially used on Moscow - Leningrad route, where one of them showed a remarkable average speed of 93 km/h, these night streamliners were subsequently relegated to Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn route. All were retired in 1961.

Source: p_d_m @ Dieselpunk LJ Community (RU)

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