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Sunday Streamline #46: Mysterious Dutchmen

This will be a short one - more a query than an entry.

The locomotive pictured above is featured on Skyrocket.de (an excellent basic source of data on steam streamliners). It is designated as PO3 / 3800, one of the class of six built in 1936 for Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch State Railways). We know its wheel arrangement, 4-6-0, and the top speed, 125 km/h - not exactly impressive but still respectable for a loco rebuilt from a 1910 Class 3700. It was painted green, if anybody's curious about color. That's all, folks.

No other data available. Surprising, especially considering the vast amount of info on Dutch locomotives and motor units of the period (some will be featured in this column). Years ago I came across an article in German: the author mentioned a class of five (sic!), requisitioned by the Germans during WWII. He said the 3800's days ended somewhere in the Eastern front. And now I can't even find this article.

So, the only Dutch steam streamliner class is as elusive as the Flying Dutchman. Probably our friends from the Netherlands will help us bring some light on the subject? Thanks in advance.

Update (Jan. 2012). A bit of info from the Centraal Station website3801-3805 "Potvis" (Sperm whale) / "Badkuip (Bathtub) / "Strijkbout" (Iron) with streamline shrouding. The 3801-3805 were equipped with streamlined plating in 1936. Due to fact that a streamlined train wasn't available it was not a success. In the years of the war the shrouding was removed.

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Comment by John L. Sands on October 23, 2011 at 7:42pm

How intriguing, they figured out that if the motive power was aerodynamic, it would cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. They did not yet think of streamlining the brick shaped cars of the consist with their gaping spaces between cars. It does look like they streamlined the rear of the tender which is a good start.

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