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Dieselpunk + Steampunk Culture

100 years ago, in September 1911, the city of Hamburg (Germany) opened a 426 meter long tunnel underneath the river Elbe. The tunnel is still in use today. It’s special feature is that there are no ramps leading into it, but vertical shafts with lifts. This creates a very special feeling of “no light at the end of the tunnel".

The tunnel took six years to design and four years to build. It costed 10 million Goldmark. In 1923, the record year, the Elbtunnel was used by 19 million pedestrians.


The Elbtunnel in 1937.


Picture by komoll-fotos.de



Picture by Stefan Bock.



Picture by Thorsten - fotoburschen



Picture from Wikipedia.



Picture by Volker Schulz on fotocommunity.de



Picture by Dorothea1 on Heise Foto.



Picture from wikipedia.



Picture by Holger Mette.

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Tags: 1920s, Elbtunnel, Hamburg, architecture, design, germany


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Comment by Jacob Savage on September 12, 2011 at 10:49pm
Wow, this tunnel is yet another beautiful and ingenious bit of German architecture! Thanks for the article!

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