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Harold Cazneaux (March 30, 1878 - June 19, 1953) was and Australian pictorialist photographer; a pioneer whose style had an indelible impact on the development of Australian photographic history.  The pictorialists considered every photograph a work of art and favoured a softly focused "impressionist" style.

In 1916 he was a founder of the Pictorialist Sydney Camera Circle. As a regular participator in national and international exhibitions, Cazneaux was unfaltering in his desire to contribute to the discussion about the photography of his times. He created some of the most memorable images of the early twentieth century.

The use of light was a defining characteristic of Cazneaux’s later work and in 1916 he and others formed the Sydney Camera Circle, establishing the so-called ‘Sunshine School’ of photography. The Circle was created for a number of important reasons: it embraced the particularities of Australian light and landscape, and was a move away from the English-inspired darker imagery dominating photographic practice at that time.

Steam and Sunshine, Newcastle BHP (1934)

Pouring steel, NSW (1934)

Toil, Port Pirie, South Australia (1935)

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