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The Show Is Back On The Road Again - It's The November Pilsner's Picks!

Well, gang, when we last saw Pilsner Panther, he was lost in the trackless wastes of the internet, blinded by the lack of a monitor due to a power supply blowout— gadzooks!

So there was no October playlist, and I hadn't missed a single month since the Panther Brewing Company was launched way back in 2001, as a feature page on someone else's vintage comedy film website. Eventually, I spun it off on its own, which is boring old story that I don't care to go into. 

I'll just say that I never thought that I'd miss the now-defunct Radio Shack stores— since, when they were still around, I could have taken a short bus ride to the nearest one and grabbed a new power supply right off the shelf, rather than having to order it online and wait for it to arrive by snail mail. When it finally did, it was too far into the month to bother putting up a playlist.

However, I now have the missing crystal-headed control lever, and my H.G. Wells-type time machine is working again! So let's go for another exciting journey into our musical past...


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