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Trenched: Dieselpunk Mech Combat Game

Alright all of you gamers, check this out. There's a new game being released titled "Trenched." Not only does it appear Dieselpunk but the site "The Gaming Vault" actually uses the word "Dieselpunk" in describing it. So not only does it look like a good game, the use of the term "Dieselpunk" in the article is an important step in the spread. Here's the article and video to the game:


During the Game Developer’s Choice Awards at the Game Developer’s Conference, Double Fine announced their latest downloadable game: Trenched. And boy is it manly!

The game is set to be published by Microsoft Game Studios, but no release date has been set forward just yet. For more info, in addition to the launch trailer, check after the cut.

 Trenched is a mech-combat game where you take on the role of someone from the “Mobile Trench brigade”. Your job is to stop the menacing alien threat that’s destroyed both the navy, the air force and the army. The trailer itself is built like a World War 2 style propaganda video, and the game appears to be built with that style in mind.

The mechs themselves look like something out of dieselpunk, basically being giant mechs with machine guns, cannons and various other weaponry. The game also comes with multiplayer, so hopefully Double Fine can make something good out of that.

Double Fine has really been hitting their stride with this series of downloadable games, so I’m definitely excited about Trenched. It might not be the new MechWarrior, but it certainly looks like it’ll come close.


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