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Two Fisted Tuesdays with The Shadow - Spotlight on the Duchess with special guest narrator Grace Gibson

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!

Thanks to Scott from Dieselpunk Industries, we're going all the way Down Under with this week's episode of Two-Fisted Tuesday.

A lot of The Shadow episodes are lost to the winds of time, and I mean a lot, like 450 episodes are missing. Thankfully, we still have a bunch of the radio scripts including the missing episodes, and these scripts were recorded in a 1940s Australian adaptation of the show. Starring Lloyd Lamble as the Shadow, Lyndall Barbour as Margo Lane, and Grace Gibson as the infamous Announcer, we can enjoy these blasts from the past that were previously lost to the American audience.

Click on the link below to download our two-fisted radio broadcast in MP3 format.

This week's episode is...

The Shadow - Spotlight on the Duchess with special guest narrator G... (originally broadcast in 1973).

The Shadow comic

Special thanks to John Picha for collecting all of the classic Shadow covers for us!


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