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"Welcome to the Machine" November/December Exhibition

Well, the current Expo in the halls of the Athena Exhibition got off to a rocky start. There we were, chugging along happily, when all of a sudden, I noticed a lot less of the robotic minions were coming in and out of the construction zone.

Sure enough, when I went to check on progress, I noticed several were down with some sort of malfunction--the big brains in the factory are calling it a "virus" and making like it's some sort of bug that'll lay a minion out just like it'll lay out Aunt Margie when she gets the sniffles.

Then, I noticed something else coming into the inbox from the pneumatic pixel tube delivery system--seems like there was a subcontracting work order that got a rubber-stamp approval from one mysterious "S.C." that just has me scratching my head and wondering what in tarnation the Arctic Circle needs with robotic minions from an arts expo, but the rates were Union-approved.

So without further ado, and apologies for the late production schedule...November's Expo!

"Welcome to the Machine"

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