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At 2:43pm on July 8, 2015, s.a.cosby said…
I enjoyed your epulp showcase. Are there any plans to do another one?
At 3:07pm on July 20, 2014, Barry Tabor said…
John, I appreciated your EPub primer. Since I ran into this site through your EPub pulps, it's fitting, I suppose. I enjoyed those little writings. Would probably enjoy contributing to the next one.
At 9:39am on August 12, 2013, Miss Veronica Bizarre said…

Hi John, thanks a lot for your comment. I especially love photograph lights and shadows!
I'm complimented for your digital work, they are really beautiful.

At 5:35pm on March 6, 2013, Gavin Wilson said…

Thank you sir =] Nice to be here. 

At 5:57pm on August 20, 2011, Ken Pierce said…

John: Not interested in posting this stuff. I'll gladly send anything to an email address (via yousendit). --Ken

At 4:46pm on August 19, 2011, Ken Pierce said…
Also your 3D of the Phantom. Verra nice! Need Phantom dailies from the beginning?
At 5:25am on August 19, 2011, Ken Pierce said…
Wow! I'm 75. So glad to know that this is all so well received by successive generations. As far as I know all the available Shadow radio shows come to 200 or so. Could you have more than that?

Aside: You used to live in Frankfort. We retired down here 10 years ago from Crete.
At 8:07pm on August 17, 2011, Ken Pierce said…
At 5:35pm on August 17, 2011, Ken Pierce said…


Thanks for the friend offer AND your beautiful collection of Shadow covers.  Ever need any Shadow stuff, just holler.

best, Ken

At 3:44pm on June 14, 2011, David S Baker said…

Thank you. I moved last week and my daughter found a box full of my comic collection from the 1980's. When I saw your post I went into the newly discovered time capsule and I found all four editions of Chaykin's Shadow series. It was very cool.

all my best!

At 7:08am on June 2, 2011, lord_k said…

Hello John,

haven't got any garbage truck in my vaults at the moment, but if you're looking for some please check these cool sites:Just A Car Guy and Hemmings Blog. Both are searchable. In case there's any difficulty in retrieving an image from Hemmings', please contact me.

Besides, here's something ultra-cool - not exactly a garbage truck but can be easily modified.

At 4:58pm on May 30, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…

PS: I forgot. Your artwork is always stunning for some reason... And what an interesting synchronicity for the Temet Nosce thing...


Hope to hear from you soon, my friend!

At 4:56pm on May 30, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…

What I want to point out at an American eye, is that my country is divided. The north and the south are really different - in terms of culture, traditions, lifestyles. And linguistics too (it's more easy to me to understand an American mothertongue than a south-italy dialect mothertongue hahahaha)

It's not a matter of "racism" - we are all Italians, but in really different ways: people feel very proud of their origins in my country, whether they are from. Did you know of the Comunis? Sort of death-fighting rivalry between the little local dominators in the Renaissance, mainly regrouped in 3 principal estates: the North,the Church (central Italy, Rome), the South and the Islands. It began in these days, I think.

Foreigners often think that Rome, Sicily and pizza are all the same. But, have you ever heard of the Celts? They used to live in the North, my city was once a Celtic tribe!

I've never heard about Milano Mints (they must be very good as all American products! Love 'em especially Cookies ^^). But I am one of the (few) people who still carry Celtic blood in their veins. 100% Milanese, you would say. Milan and Rome are experimenting a secular rivalry (Economic, Governative, etc)


Have you got anything similar in your country, across your local traditions? I once heard that Europeans see the U.S.A. as a big map of "99% Texas" with a little autonomous 1% dot over New York, haha!

Anyway I love to explore foreign curiosities and peculiarities and I appreciate your interest!

At 4:56pm on May 30, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…

Haha, your Italian knowledge made me smile smartly!

I think it's all correct... Except for the fact that you write "MACCHERONI", and the Sopranos are American (but you knew this)!       ;)


Oh, I think you are now ready to enter the Pizza, spaghetti and mandolino logic ;) --> this is tipically Sicilian stuff, from the south.


Well, I just notice how bizarre is the relation all over the world thanks to the WWW. An American artist, formed after the American culture is speaking to a young girl which comes from the country of the one who discovered the man's country first... And the girl thinks to know American culture enough to put up a proper conversation in English without causing international incidents ^^ as you say

And I know American culture (and something about other European countries, anyway America's influence is the most important especially here) not only through the Web and the cosmopolitan TV (the visitors double meaning, haha!! so pointy!), but also from books, movies, mothertongue teachers I had at school, cultural history which is now an essential part of any English course for children (here we call it 'civilisation'...)

The cosmopolitan world is destroying the monads.

(let it go, it was just a mechanical flight of my mind ^^)

At 4:27pm on May 30, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…

All right!

^^ So we'll get Pandora walking (or maybe riding a diesel-laser-motorbike) through the streets of Milan in the summer sometimes, yeah?

It is always a cultural pleasure reading your curious and smart comments ^^

At 11:35pm on May 29, 2011, Bill Dunbar said…
At 3:52pm on May 26, 2011, Bill Dunbar said…
Sure, I think a gallery would be  a great idea. If you have the rights to the content, why not ask Karl Kirchner if he'd host it on his BB site? The fan community at the GH boards would be very appreciative, I think.
At 5:26pm on May 20, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…

3rd - last - CHUNK


Ahhh, now I see, the "EDITOR-MISUNDERSTANDING"... Yeah, I was tricked by the European concept which is more similar to publisher, as you said.

Now, let's get it. Well, I think I could fix your Italian edition of Pandora! I'd be happy to help you spread the diffusion of those really nice Chronicles. You gauged my interest, yeah!
In the summer I'd be happy to edit an Italian translation.
You know, I use to write too, stories and poetry, and I've always been quite good in literary subjects. (My problem is, that I start up a million different things and I don't get an end,I abandon the ideas that seemed good to me a short time before,and I still can't finish a complete work for none of them! Maybe I'm still too young and confused...)
Anyway I think I could manage a "catchy" translation for your story, yess! I said in the summer because- now I'm quite busy with my new job and the final exams for my II year at Psychology.

But I'll be happy to help Pandora cross the streets of Milan, not Rome, I'm from Northern Italy... maybe you know something about the "rivalry" between southern and northern regions in Italy and especially between Rome and Milan people! Quite folkloristic don't you think???


So, my foreign brother, I have only one last word for you and Pandora: NEVER STOP ROCKING AND ROLLING HAHA!!!

Best regards from North Italy, you are always welcome!

At 5:26pm on May 20, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…



My drawing... Well, this drawing was created (along with a short essay) for an extra-class in the university, and this won me 2 full credits ^_^ I think it's quite good. You see, the question was, "Who am I?" and since i'm something quite "motley" and not so easy to define, that's it, here's the mistery. The model is me, from a wonderful photoshoot a professional photographer took in a pub I used to go some time ago. So the view of me is coming through a triple eye: the camera lens - Luca the photographer - Me the Artist. It's so cryptic because it's full of Alchemy clues and symbols (Asclepius, the one I hope will always inspire me through the search of the knowledge, and the others are all planetary or chemical ancient symbols. As C. Jung described them in his wonderful books.)
>>>>>>>TEMET NOSCE< ...a good choice but quite impossible to realize. The hardest mission in this human life-form, I think.

I really like the human being in his totality,body and mind, I agree with Leonardo DaVinci and the other Humanists. It's a great mistery to look up. The Anatomy Drawing manuals you just suggested intrigue me as well,they are so detailed, but I developed my own strategy exercise too: I always use NON-EDITED PHOTOGRAPHS in order to get the drawing hand at his best. And take confidence with the subject - Then I edit the picture as I meant in the project, in the scraps. (been doing this with my beautiful boyfriend soooo many times - he looks like Johnny Depp and used to pose as model sometimes when he was younger ^^)
Do you draw "old-style" (e.g. with a pencil) too, sometimes? I'd be curious to watch something.

At 5:26pm on May 20, 2011, Miss Lenore Arcangelo Mellotron said…



Some of my 3D and photographic works is posted in this gallery: http://lenoroxx22.altervista.org/
But that's quite old, and I'm not refreshing it since a real long time... for this reason I don't post this link usually, but I promise I'll be posting some more! I think I'm quite good with human figures, but I lack your talent for vehicles/objects/etc., as I could see from your videos. BRAVO !!!!

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