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Twit Publishing (Craig Gabrysch)

Dallas, TX, United States

Dan Glaser

North Hollywood, CA, United States

Sean Driscoll

United States

Brendan HollyKing Leber

Seattle, WA, United States

Oscar Stanis

Kiama, Australia

Jodi Banghart

Martinsville, NJ, United States


Saint Paul, MN, United States

Michael Wilson

Philo, CA, United States

C.J. Rolfe

Manitoba, Canada

Jim VanSant

United States

Stevie Anscombe

United Kingdom

Alan Charles

Greoux les Bains, France

Jimmy Christodoulou

San Diego, CA, United States


United States

jane covner

Studio City, CA, United States

Joseph Patrick Murphy

Winchester, VA, United States

John Schultz

Royal Oak, MI, United States

Marc Stuart

San Antonio, TX, United States

Randy Phillips

Olathe, KS, United States

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Diesel City
Patti Smith
VNV Nation - Ronan Harris

Comrades in Arms

Dieselpunk Industries
Radio Metronomik dieselpunk podcast
Constitutionens Voktere
David Mark Brown
The Gatehouse
Doctor Steel's Army of Toy Soliders
Diesel powered dieselpunk podcast

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