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This is a dedication video to the Battleship USS New York, the lead ship of her class, and the fifth battleship series built by the United States Navy.
The USS New York was built by the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City in 1911-1912. The New York herself was commissioned in 1914 and served through the Mexican Uprising in 1914 through World War II in both theaters of operations.
The USS New York was to be a bomb target in Operation Crossroads in 1946, and survived both the atmospheric atom bomb and the underwater atom bomb explosions. Later, she was used as a target for surface ships, planes, and submarines where she was beaten and battered.

An article in Naval Aviation News (October 1948) described the weapons exercise that USS New York was subjected to: "The ex-BB's New York and Nevada, having survived the tests at Bikini, were towed from Pearl Harbor to a spot south of Oahu, and there were subjected to an unmerciful pounding by fleet air and surface units. Planes led by the commanding officer of Fleet All Weather Training Unit Pacific (FAWTUPAC), Captain Paul H. Ramsey, USN, were in on both kills. On 7 July 1948 the New York was the first to feel the sting of the fighters and attack aircraft. Twenty-six planes, consisting of two F7F-4Ns, six F8F-1Ns, twelve F6F-5Ns, and six TBM-3Ns dropped a total of 48 500-pound bombs, 40 100-pound bombs, 98 5-inch HVARs and expended 4,100 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition. Twenty-one direct hits were scored with the 500-pound bombs, 20 direct hits were scored with the 100-pound bombs, and 56 direct hits were scored with the 5-inch HVARs. While surface units stood by and submarines waited to close in for the kill, the tired old battlewagon rolled over and sank as the last participating FAWTUPAC planes recovered from their bombing attacks."

Though the USS New York BB-34 was sunk, her sister ship, the USS Texas BB-35, survives to this day as a museum ship in San Jacinto State Park in Texas, and is declared a National Historic Landmark. The USS Texas BB-35, a New York Class Battleship, is the oldest and last surviving battleship from the World War I era. A fitting tribute to an old battle wagon that served with distinction, and the men who served aboard.


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Comment by Dan G. on July 4, 2012 at 12:06pm

Ya Gotta Love those THOUGH old Gals!!!

From an old Salt = BRAVO-ZULU! Lord K! 

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