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The Castle Walk is built on the "one step." That simply means one step to the beat. The one step came from the animal dances but removed the hopping motion to become a vibrant fast walk.

Irene and Vernon Castle, an American woman and an Englishman, created a dance team and a school which influenced the refinement of American social dance for our century. The style they gave, and the steps they taught, became the backbone of ballroom dance, from Arthur Murray to today’s ballroom dance styles. They took the early ragtime dances and invented rules which bridled the energy and enthusiasm fostered by the up-tempo music. Their rules legitimized the new ragtime fad of music and dance.

Castle house Suggestions:
Do not wiggle the shoulders
Do not shake the hips
Do not twist the body
Do not flounce the elbows
Do not pump the arms
Do not hop-glide instead
Avoid low, fantastic and acrobatic dips

The Castles took the basic Ragtime rhythms and refined them to created an elegant style for all to follow. In all, they brought grace, dignity, stateliness, good manners and good taste to the realm of social dance.

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