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Georgy Sviridov- Time, forward! / Boulder Dam construction in 1931-1936

Dedicated to construction of Boulder (Hoover) Dam in 1931-36.
During Great Depression Boulder Dam gave jobs to great number of people and customers to many companies.
Music: Georgy Sviridov - Time, Forward!
Video: Boulder Dam (man's conquest of the Colorado river), Steel Town (1944), Coldsteam Guardsman (1938)
By helgardK @ YouTube

P.S. Music written by Georgy Sviridov for the March Forward, Time! feature film (1965) based on Valentin Katayev's novel (1932) gloifying the construction projects of the first Five-Year Plan. For years, the central part of this piece was an opening theme for the Vremya (Time), official evening newscast on Soviet Central TV.

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