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"The Corliss engine does not lend itself to description; its personal acquaintance must be sought by those who would understand its vast and almost silent grandeur. It rises loftily in the centre of the huge structure, an athlete of steel and iron with not a superfluous ounce of metal on it; the mighty walking beams plunge their pistons downward, the enormous flywheel revolves with a hoarded power that makes all tremble, the hundred life like details do their office with unerring intelligence. In the midst of this ineffably strong mechanism is a chair where the engineer sits reading his newspaper, as in a peaceful bower." - William Dean Howells (1832 - 1920)
A Stoney Lonesome, old-time, silent motion picture...
and thanks for watching!

What's Lonesome doing on a NYC rooftop? Watch THIS! : https://vimeo.com/10134094

More Lonesome? :https://vimeo.com/channels/stoneylonesome


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