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Oberon 202-d Dart Gun prototype - Pandora Driver

This handheld, firearm is a non-lethal weapon. It shoots a tiny case-less dart comprised of a powerful sedative. As the material is absorbed into the bloodstream it renders the target unconscious. The projectile is launched by a blast of compressed air. The gun's high pressure level is maintained by manually ratcheting the gold barrel crank to fill internal air cylinders. It's a close combat weapon with an effective range of 50 feet.

The Oberon 202-d is featured in the adventures of Pandora Driver. You can see her here...


This fictitious 3d weapon was created by John Picha. The design was inspired by the work of Paul Loughridge, and was adapted with permission. You can see a gallery of Paul's Intergalactic Self Defense Units on flickr.


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