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Post Nuclear Steam Show @ Summer Darkness 2011

Post Nuclear Steam Show @ Summer Darkness (Utrecht) 2011 Show by Rosa Bohaemia, with various models. Video by Peter Diablow, snood.tv 2011 Clothing & Concept...

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Comment by Argus Fairbrass on September 3, 2011 at 2:59pm

You know the subject of the various retrofuturistic styles mashing together, has come up quite a lot on the Steampunk forum I'm on recently. Some of the more traditionaly minded seem to find the idea undesirable (I still don't quite get how you can have traditional Steampunk) old school perhaps but still.

But I think that it's been happening all along anyway, and it's probably the way forward. Steampunks have never seemed to have a problem with wearing WW11 goggles with Edwardian top hats and C16th pirate coats etc. It was that way with Punk and New Romantic and Goth and so I suspect shall it be with this.

I think as far as the annoyance by some that perhaps the maker diy ethic isn't taking root strongly enough with the newer generations. Well hopefully with the likes of Datamancer now feeling confident enough to charge five and a half grand for his laptops (and that's just the first batch) they've realised it is they that are most likely to make out here (no pun intended)

If the idea was to truly create a counter economy, I think at this juncture we can safely say it's proving highly successful.

Best of luck with this anyway, You're very talented (and very pretty) seldom a recipe for failure in my experience.

Comment by Rosa Bohaemia on August 14, 2011 at 6:09am

Hahaha! Well, not really.... The goal was to re-incorporate art into the underground subcultures, since it has become terribly bland and commercial (am not sure if that's the correct word in English).

I'm a designer with a fashion education. I absolutely love steampunk and dieselpunk, but cannot resist giving the designs a me/fashion-twist to them. I don't think either steampunk or dieselpunk style should be too defined, since it will smother new ideas....

Allthough this fashionshow was organised by me, a few very talented artists added to it, such as a jewelleryt designer and a set designer. 

As for Steampunk in Holland: I'm actually the only designer of steampunk clothes in this country who makes steampunk fashion herself. The rest is imported Chinese stuff straight-from-the-factory. Allthough other artists will probably follow soon!

Comment by Larry on August 13, 2011 at 6:33pm
Thanks for posting this. Is this further proof of Steampunk going mainstream?

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