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Safe Flying-Wing Airliners circa 1949: Jack Northrop's XB-49 as a Jules Verne Passenger Plane

This video shows how in 1949 visionary men like Northrop had the right idea--and reminds us to our shame that we haven't done "jack shit" to advance aviation ever since. Interestingly enough, if you watch the Cary Grant movie, "The Bishop's Wife" in the opening scenes, there's a model of a XB-49 Flying wing hanging from a shop you can see through the window. The classic sci-fi 1952 movie, "The War of the Worlds" features the XB-49 dropping a nuclear bomb to stop the aliens.

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Comment by Timothy W. Nieberding on April 29, 2012 at 9:30pm

Just hope that the pilot doesn't put it into a stall.  The plane had a fatal tendency to flip completely over.  Its one of the reasons that the program was canceled.

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