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National Archives Identifier: 65322 (B&W, Silent) Summary: 1) CU Capt. Roald Amundsen. 2) CU Lincoln Ellsworth. 3) CU Capt. Roald Amundsen and Lt. Reiser Larsen & M/Mech. Karl Feucht (Norwegian Navy). 4) CU Lincoln Ellsworth & Lt. Omdal & Dietrickson of Norwegian Navy. 5) CU Various routes of other expeditions and Amundsen's route shown on map. 6) CU loading crated Dernier-Wal planes aboard freighter at Tramsoe, Norway. 7) CU Deck scene of freighter "Hobby." 8) CU Ice floes in Arctic ocean. 9) CU Arctic scenery. 10) MS Freighter "Hobby" & escorts at sea. 11) CU Deck scenes. 12) MS sames as scene 10. 13) CU Unloading the freighter "Hobby" at Kings Bay, Spitsbergen. 14) MS Assembling Dornier Wal plane. 15) MS Man by seal lying on ice. 16) MS Seals. 17) MS Starting motors of Dornier Wal plane. 18) MS Dornier Wal taxiing on ice. 19) Dornier Wal taking off. 20) CU Loading equipment into Dornier Wal. Reel 2: 1) CS Man holding sq. of Pemmican. 2) CU Arctic explorers saying farewells before taking off. 3) MS Dornier Wal's taking off. 4) MS Dornier Wal in flight over Arctic terrain. 5) MS ships crew waving. 6) MS Same as scene 3. 7) A Views of Arctic terrain. 8) A views of Arctic glacier. 9) MS Ellsworth's crash landed Dornier Wal plane. 10) MS Man form Ellsworth's crew taking bearings. 11) CU Map showing spot where landing was made. 12) MS Man giving wig wag signals. 13) MS Ellsworth preparing to abandon his plane. 14) MS Ellsworth's party moving over ice field. 15) MS Man crossing open water in canvass boat. 16) CU Amundsen's Dornier Wal plane parked on ice. 17) MS Men dragging gasoline across the ice to Dornier Wal plane. 18) CU Pumping gas into Amundsen's Dornier Wal plane. 19) MS Amundsen's & Ellsworth's men clearing a runway in the ice. Reel 3: 1) CU Crew members of Amundsen & Ellsworth airplane flight, filling in cracks in ice with ice blocks to make runway. 2) CU Map showing return flight from North Pole. 3) MS Amundsen and men in sealing boat entering Kings Bay, Spitzbergen. 4) CU Large crowd. 5) CU Capt. Amundsen before start of trip. 6) CU Capt. Amundsen after his return. 7) CU Lincoln Ellsworth after return. 8) CU Norwegian member of expedition. 9) LS Dornier Wal plane with honor escort. 10) MS Boats in Oslo Norway harbor, greeting Amundsen Dornier Wal plane. 11) MS British Men O'War firing salute. 12) MS Dornier Wal plane taxiing (on water). 13) MS Harbor scene of Oslo Harbor. 14) MS same as scene 12. 15) MS Amundsen & his men being taken ashore in boat. 16) CU Amundsen & men step from boat. 17) MS Amundsen & men riding in slate through Oslo's streets. 18) CU Norwegian civilians.

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