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The Battleships - The Darkness Of The Future

Third volume of four from the Channel 4 series. The Treaty of Versailles which concluded WWI saw Germany's navy scuttled, but an arms race ensued between Britain, Japan and the United States. Bigger battleships than ever before were planned, but the Washington Conference called for limitations on size and capacity. Japan, however, continued to build in secret, and before long Germany's Adolf Hitler was building 'pocket battleships' as part of his own re-armament programme. The continuing deterioration of the political situation in Europe meant that the battleship would be certain to play a major role in any future conflict.

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Comment by lord_k on March 30, 2013 at 11:00am

Oh yes:

Comment by Dan G. on March 30, 2013 at 10:54am

Pocket Battleships and the dreaded (and arguably more effective) U-Boats. Even one that would have been pretty close to a combination of both. = The German Type XI-B U-Cruiser. . . . What a BRUTE! 

<from Wiki>

The Type XI U-boat was planned as an artillery boat; its main armament would have been four 127 mm guns, in two twin gun turrets. It would have also carried an Arado Ar 231 collapsible floatplane. Four boats (U-112, U-113, U-114, and U-115) were laid down in 1939, but cancelled at the outbreak of World War II. Had the Type XI U-boat been constructed, it would have had a completely new hull design and a submerged displacement of 4,650 tons – she would have been by far the largest of the U-boats and the second-largest diesel submarine after the Japanese I-400-class submarine.

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