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It's February 31, 1921...witness this Lonesome, early record session. Using the latest, state of the art, Edison recording equipment, and with the good fortune based in ancient forklore, Fiddlin' Dave Shaw and Stoney Lonesome "cut wax" that they hope will find its way into the home parlors of many.
A Stoney Lonesome Production™, Old-time, almost silent, moving picture.
Here's the REAL Lonesome story behind the making of this movie? http://bluegrasstoday.com/cricket-on-the-hearth-from-stoney-lonesome/
Where does the Lonesome wardrobe come from? Watch this and you'll see! https://vimeo.com/51680021
Get More Lonesome? vimeo.com/channels/stoneylonesome
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Comment by Pilsner Panther on August 2, 2017 at 2:01am

A fun and informative little film— it has some comedic touches, but the depiction of early "field recording" is accurate. This is how it was done, and not only in America. In central Europe, the young composer and musicologist Bela Bartok carried an Edison machine all over the countryside of what was then Austro-Hungary, capturing the rural music of the Magyars and Gypsies. Many of their themes later found their way into his piano, chamber, and symphonic compostions.

Kudos to everyone involved in this project!


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