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Silent movie-version of "Titanic" by Mr. Cameron, appeared in russian comedy show.
Some parts are not very funny, but generally-not a bad stylization.

Translation of text boxes:

'How fast are we going?"
"17 knots, cap'n"
"Increase the speed to 100!"
(written on the regulator - "Reverse", "Normal speed", "Quick as the wind", "Captain gone mad", "Stop")
"Rose, open your eyes!"
"Jack, I am flying!"
"Damn' seagull!"
'How fast are we going?"
"200 knots and 3 little knots, Cap'n"
"Increase to 300!"
"Jack, I can't hold anymore!"
"Rose, don't give up, you can!"
"I will never leave you!"
'Jack, I'm pregnant!"
'How fast are we going?"
"Five knots, Cap'n"
"Increase to 10"
'America is close!"

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