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Two-Headed Cop - The Animated Film Noir

He’s the toughest cop in Fat City.

He’s also got two heads. One head’s Asian, one’s Caucasian, both answer to Ray. They share a talent for hard-boiled justice and a middle leg. Other than that, they’ve got zip in common.

The Project:

Two-Headed Cop is an independently financed, computer animated film currently in production. It was originally a pitch for an animated TV series, but then we decided to fund and create it ourselves. We took the script from the pilot of the series and put that into production. Ultimately it will be around 30 minutes in length.

You can find a treasure trove of all things Two-Headed Cop at the Two-Head Production Blog via www.twoheadedcop.com. There's concept art, character designs, animation tests, and more!

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