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Heya everybody,

I saw this at a 20K Leagues site I hang out at:


Anybody interested in this should seriously consider dropping Bruce an e-mail.  I did last night and I just got off the phone with him a few mins ago.  Man, he's got a TON of stuff happening. You might remember Bruce from his incredible Steampunk house:


Anyway....   Here's some more info on the 20K exhibit:

Jules Verne -- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Interactive Entertainment
Exhibit at Patriots Place in Foxboro MA -- opening this Summer (August

The owner of the exhibit is estimating 80,000+ people will be visiting
the venue in the first year. The gallery space is reserved for an
initial period of 6 months.

If you're interested in exhibiting and selling your Steampunk art work
-- the following requirements are necessary for entry:

All Steampunk art objects will be:
· Approved by SteamPuffin before display
· Unquestionably family friendly
· Highest level "museum quality"
· Appropriate to Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Captain
Nemo, the Nautilus
· Reasonably priced for the ‘family’ market (not setting unattainable
‘stratospheric’ pricing)
Your art work can already exist or can be made specifically for the
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea exhibit.

Please reply to this email if you are interested in exhibiting in this
venue. bruce@modvic.com

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Can you repost this to the "artists" group?

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