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In my most recent blog post I propose what I consider to be a very different way of looking at Dieselpunk. I would love for people here to look it over and post their thoughts.

Change of Focus blog post.

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I am not going to get into a discussion about the definition of "Dieselpunk".  I was a member of several blogs that tried to define the definition of Steampunk and found it quite divisive causing many fractures in the general fandom.  The definition is still very loose and balkanized.  I think it better to admit that Dieselpunk will never really be properly defined as it may be many contradictory things to various people.  Leave definitions to Webster, celebrate Dieselpunk according to your own passions.

Larry... this is much more the way I use dieselpunk, I've just never put it into words as such. I mostly dress in t-shirt, jeans, and Vans, but I do try to add in diesel flavor, such as a military inspired jacket, and it always improves the look.

Most of where my love of dieselpunk comes through is in my bicycle building. Whether I'm utilizing parts and bikes from the era, rearranged with modern flare, or building one of my bikes from scratch, but using lines and forms of the past in my modern frames. I love living in the time I do, but the main thing I see us as having lost, especially in the US, is in making things meant to last. Everything now is built with an intentional life expectancy, whereas the old tools I own are still the best ones, and they were made here at home. That sense of building that will outlast you now only lives on with the current makers movement. I hope that some of my bikes are here long after I'm gone, still being enjoyed.

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