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Hi, I've been a rather quiet member here for a little while - surfing the forums and reading, watching videos, etc.  Being a hot rodder, I love the whole mechanical aspect of dieselpunk! I plan, one day, on converting my (diesel powered) Chevy Cabover over to full-on dieselpunk - slate gray paint, with lots of gauges and assorted piping in brass and steel, etc. - kind of a cross between rat-rod and mechanized animal!

Anyway, I checked out a book from my local library today ~ "The Steampunk Gazette" by Major Thaddeus Tinker. It's probably been discovered and discussed endlessly by your members, but if not, I wanted to recommend it to those who may not have heard about it. It's the best discussion of the lifestyle I've seen yet, filled with literally hundreds of photos of clothing, furnishings, and mechanicals (in fact, I'm ordering some things from vendors I found in there, including plumbing fixtures.)

Check it out, if you haven't yet. And hello!


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Hi Bruce--Don't be so quiet from here on in!  And nice to hear from you.

The book you mention may have been discussed, but it was still news to me, so thank you!  I think most people here must be like me; they come and go and miss things.  Don't hesitate to talk about anything. 

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