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We've made comments here about Atomicpunk, or as some call it Atompunk. I've also seen the term appear elsewhere on the Internet. It doesn't yet seem to exist outside the theoretical stage into a full blown Genre Punk in the same way Cyberpunk, Steampunk or our very own Dieselpunk has. While I don't seem myself getting too much into it, I do think that it has interesting potential that could someday grow into a genre of its own.


When it comes to Atomicpunk as graphic art I recalled owning an issue of Heavy Metal from a number of years ago that, looking back, I think is a really good visual representation of Atomicpunk. I found the issues cover online:

I also found this issue, which I never owned, online:

And this cover as well:

I'm sure there must be some other sources of Atomicpunk art out there, which if anyone knows of any would be cool to see.


Separately, Atomicpunk fashion and music might also be fun exploring sometime.

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Yeah, I agree this is a fair representation. Atompunk hasn't really caught on and i am rather glad. I can wait for it to blow up.
I think Atomicpunk goes hand in hand with the Cold War. I think James Bond would be one of the earliest Atomicpunk heros.
I agree, Virgil. Good choice.

Good point there Philip. I was unfamiliar with the term googie design and had to Google the Googie to learn what it meant. :) I think you have a great point. I would agree that it would only make sense that Googie Design would be an important element of Atomicpunk.

Those pictures really shout Atompunk for me. But, imo, Fallout 3 is even a better representation

It seems to me that we might have the basic elements of Atomicpunk forming. We have some examples of art and design. I wonder if we could add Atomicpunk music as including rockabilly and psychobilly as Atomicpunk music. For Atomicpunk fashion I wonder if this image might be a good start.

Just to be pedantic, it would be small reciever, not people´s reciever.


As for atompunk art, I don´t know if you´d call it art but there´s the cartoon The Iron Giant. It was based on a children´s book I believe.

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