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Does any one know if any automats exist anywhere? (even a museum)

The research material that I have found for automats is sparse.  There are some movies that feature automats but little can be gleaned from them.  It seems that the last few were in New York but have closed.

I have examined some automat cells at an auction, I should have bought one, but it seems that there must have been several different manufacturers.

With the anachronistic technology of the Steampunk genre, I think an automat would be a very interesting location.  It wouldn't be as archetypical as the hole in the wall café or the airstream diner but a good scene to stage dialog or desperate action.

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I cannot find where exactly these EVVA vending machines were made and used.  England?  Germany?  US? 

I saw beer vending machines in Germany too.  In my town, SchwaeBisch Hall, there were underwear and fishing bait vending machines on the street.  We also had beer (and juice) delivery trucks which was the height of civilized.  I have heard that some cities now have beer delivery trucks and pizza delivery with alcohol IF the known customer has already prepaid and provided ID.  I could see a private, club which limits access to members, having an automat bar.   We are rebuilding our local hall and kitchen right now............ (I probably shouldn't say which organization)

When I was in the Navy back in the 80's they had beer vending machines in some of the BEQ's/BOQ's.

The idea of the Automat has great appeal to me.  I don't know if the reality would be as good.  On the Food Network or maybe History channel a few years ago they had piece on a modern Automat in I believe NYC.  However, I think that it went under not long after that episode aired.

The DieselPunkish movie Dark City had an opening scene at an Automat.

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