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During college I had the best job ever:  A conductor on a tourist steam train line.  My buddy was an engineer, and the mechanics were nothing less than true artisans. 

I am not a railfan or train fanatic, but streamlined locomotives and the art deco early diesels really get my blood going. Any like-minded D'Punker Railroadmen out there? 

Here's the beginings of my 'guise.  The hat is what I wore behind the 70 ton Shay, a pocketwatch from my dad dates back to the '20's.  Mission:  find more diesel flash to add to the punk. 

Here's a high-speed steamer that continues to operate moving passengers:

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Inspiring! I must say, that certainly out-diesels my college work experience.

I'm getting more and more into rail since my son (just turning 4) is so into trains.  In fact, just last friday we were at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, VA (our third time!) where the #611 J-class streamliner (your last image, eClyde) is on static display.  Alas, it no longer runs as you beleived (hasn't since the mid 1990s due to cost/safety/liability) but it's still impressive to behold, even static. The one time my son and I even got to sit in the Engineer's and Fireman's seats and pull the whistle ropes (now gone forever silent).

On the subject of College Work Experience, while at Virginia Tech in the late 90's/early 00's I did three semester's co-op with Norfolk Southern in Roanoke (Facilities Engineering), who owned the #611 and the non-streamline but still Diesel-era #1218 (also now at the museum - it's HUGE!!) and got to visit them in the old Roanoke Shops (which are themselves a steam-era masterpiece) before they were donated to the museum.

Wow!  Has time flown by.  Seems like yesterday I witnessed the 611 roll out of a station in Ohio.  Yeah, the maintenance on steam engines is exorbitant.  

Here's what I conducted; definitely steampunk:

She's a beaut, Clyde!

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