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Now here's one from left of centre field...


...and a two parter ...


1) Do you dress DP more often than not? Is it your ususal attire or is it 'cosplay'?


2) What form does it take? By which I mean, suits and fedora/hobble skirts and pumps - or something more casual or p'haps more outlandish?


For my part.... I work in a Vineyard so suits and the like are pretty impractical on a day to day basis... However black jeans or khaki cargo pants, plain white T-shirt or a check shirt and braces and an Akubra hat have the right look...


When out and about on my bike I'm more likely to dress like Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One' ... Tho' as the bike gets slowly modded so does the clothing... I've recently being eyeing off a pair of leather jodphurs and a black 'Rocketeer' style leather jacket on e-Bay ...










Would LOVE to find a suitable helmet to complete the ensemble...



but I'm waiting till the bike has the right 'look' to go with the duds before I'd wear them methinx....


What about others...????


What do you wear and when?

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Most of the time i wear something which suits my style, unless I have practical reasons not to do so. Most people wouldn't consider a Perfecto style jacket Dieselpunk, but I like it and it was designed in 1928 anyway. Anyway I don't wear anything really cosplay-ish outside parties or similar, extraordinary occasions; at least, not since I left the High school.
Daily DP style. Whilst at work sharp suits/ three pieces accesorised with fedoras/trilbys and depending on the weather I have a great trench or cashmere greatcoat.  At the weekends I dress it down with tweed and flat caps.  I'll see if i can dig out some photos later.

Shirts, suspenders, cotton cargo pants, vests, hats.. Oh and overcoats, naturally.

I always pick something in my outfits with a small pointer to the diesel era, but my wardrobe isn't extensive enough to dress 'all Diesel, all the time'. I'm working on it, though!

Marlon Brando's jacket in "the Wild One" van even be considered "Diesel", as the Perfecto style was created in 1928. I have a jacket of that type, it's my favourite when dressing informal.

I have mostly dress dieselpunk for airsoft only (may wear to a con if i ever go to one).

I wear assorted WW2ish gear. Most of the 40's era gear is reproduction but there is some surplus gear from later periods.


Everyday wear is little touches, analogue watch, leather flying jacket, cargo pants. Other items like flat caps, with more modern dress and I dress up with sports jacket and corduroy pants. I had a meeting at work today and put on a tie, but left the top button undone, in a 'casual but I'm taking this seriously' kinda vibe.


I like to blend the original era influences with modern items. It also gets into the music and movies I watch and perhaps the most telling is I that I do my best with old school manners.

I wear vintage clothing, mainly 1940's suits, pretty much every working day at my professional job and for any dress up events. Summer casual is vintage cotton dresses --winter though I am in levi 501s and sweaters on non-work days.


Well, I'm almost never without a hat to the point that people who know me are surprised when I'm not wearing one! In the office it's coat and fedora, though I typically go more casual-tropical "Parrotpunk" out of the office, particularly in the summer. Humid VA summers pretty much require the loose linen Cuban shirts and lightweight Panama.


That said, it's MOST important to wear the attitude. For me and that "Parrotpunk" thing that means I'm on "Island time" even when in a rush. Just because I'm in a hurry doesn't mean I need to be in a rush, eh? Same on the Diesel side: cool, controlled, relaxed, focused, and just a touch cynical, been there. Any kid on the street can wear a hat...it takes a Real man or woman to wear an attitude!

I nearly always wear DP (unless I'm at a Steampunk event).It's not cosplay for me but a lifestyle. The style is Ottensian with at a minimum never going anywhere without a fedora. It's not uncommon for me to wear a tie for going out an about on everyday out errands. I also have a casual DP style. But then sometimes, I really enjoy going all out with suits and ties. The nice thing about my job is that its a white collar office job so I can "dress to impress" as they say, which DP lends itself too.


I never tried the hoop skirts and pumps. Just not my style. :)

The closest I get to "day-to-day" Dieselpunk is my obsession with WW2 aviator jackets, especially during the winter. My pipe dream is to one day own a vintage WASP A-2 flight jacket (this one to be exact):



buuuut until I can (a) afford the awesomeness of vintage leather and (b) find one that'll properly fit my rather annoyingly large frame, I'm mostly stuck with a few older knock-offs I got a costume shop. I do go all out for events, though, especially cons, because then I can show off the NERF guns I've modified. But yeah, one way or another my style is closer to Weird War and Piecraftian that Ottensian. I just go ga-ga for rough-and-tumble military garb.

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