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The Netflix show The White Rabbit Project features Tori, Grant, and Kari of Mythbusters fame spending an episode looking at (and ranking) various types of technology, based on the episode's theme. Episode 9 is called "Invented before its time?" and features early techological breakthroughs that mirrored modern tech but failed to catch on (usually because the technology was too primitive). And 5 of the 6 technologies they discuss are from the early 1900s, firmly in the dieselpunk era! So check it out if you're curious about a dieselpunk iterations of portable music players, music streaming services, cell phones, selfie sticks, and in-car navigation systems! It's a fun and interesting episode of a fairly entertaining show.

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I gave that show a shot, but something about it really rubbed me the wrong way. Without Adam and Jamie, the younger folks just seemed to have zero on-camera charisma to me.

Maybe I'll watch episode 9 though, as that's a good subject.

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