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With no forum discussions for months, uploaded photos awaiting approval for more than a year, it seems dieselpunk.org is more or less dead. Hope, this is not a sign for a general decline of dieselpunk.


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Hi Chad

Disaffected morally ambigeous youth in Flatbush 1920's helps out a group trying to expose our government's inhumane experiments on soldiers. It's an attempt to get an upper hand in the War To End All Wars that has dragged on for eight years. It has elements of Dieselpunk a taste of Cthulhu mythology thrown in.

How far are you into your story? Do you have a release date? Will it be a series?

Chad Boyer said:

It is a ww1 meets mecha  meets global domination story set in a sci fi future but retro technology.   Basically we expanded formed an empire and then collapsed back and the protagonists are trying to consolidate the world under one banner to rejoin the empire.

What's yours about?

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