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Two years ago, on May 20, 2009 Tome Wilson created this network.

We're 730 days old now. Nearly 1600 articles, 1100+ discussions, 700+ videos in our Movie Theater, 10,000+ pictures – and 1670 members making us world's most populous, most active and most admirable Dieselpunk community.

I am happy to be here, happy to have you around. It's a very special place and I believe we're able to make it better and better – sharing things we love and create.

Let the Diesel Power be with you!

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Btw, Larry, congrats on new North Texas Dieselpunks logo. Stefan has done a fantastic job, as usual (I'm subscribed to his Flickr Photostream).

Larry said:
How about removing the year? I think it would look best without it. I hate to say it but I think placing a year on something makes it look like it was a past event.
I agree with Cap'n on this. Creative Commons would be the way to go in the short run. For the long run, he should consider a formal trademark on both versions.

Geez, I leave town for the weekend and you guys are opening a shop already!

Capitalism is alive and well.

As for the shirts, I highly recommend NOT using Cafe Press or Zazzle.  My wife, thinking she was being nice, tried to make Dieselpunks t-shirts for me through these services, and they look god awful.  The logo was peeling off before I even opened the box, and then they completely faded and/or chipped off after their first wash under cold water in my sink.

As for the logo, I heard someone mention Doom Patrol before, and I had to look it up.  They are similar, but the whole point of our logo when I first designed it was to represent a piston between two cams.  Take the circles that make up the "D" and the "P" and imagine the bar in the middle sliding up and down as the outer gear spins counterclockwise.  That's where it came from.

And now you know!

As for copyrights; I made it, I own it. 

Officially, it is part of the non-Commercial Creative Commons license.

You can use it, but you can't make money from it. 

That's not what we're here for.

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